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This page belongs to YOU!   Lovin' the show?!.. Well you're the reason we do it; so this is your place to share thoughts, videos and pics. Get in touch and let us know you've got something to share...The best of the best will showcase on the site, so don't be shy! 

The fans!

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"Kevin Connelly is stunning: he can play the rock star with remarkable grace because he is one. His voice is potent and flexible, his moves are magical. He has this way of calmly holding an attitude as though something were about to happen, it’s very dramatic. And something does happen. He and his band deliver, one after another, solid interpretations of brilliant Bowie songs- all the greats- some in fresh arrangements, others fairly faithful, all led by Kevin’s powerful performance that is at turns tribute, but offers unique interpretation. Very theatrical: Kevin’s a true entertainer.”Vincent de Tourdonnet, Toronto, ON


“I have had Bowie in my head and ears ever since seeing Kevin essentially channel him to perfection.”Sarah Stone, Toronto, ON


“Went to see Kevin Connelly channel the Thin White Duke…. at the Randolph Academy with Life on Mars…. Kevin and the band were OUTSTANDING!”Lawrie Ingles, Toronto, ON


Amazing show guys, blew my sparkly 70’s jumpsuit right off!”Steve Frise, Toronto, ON

"Please come back to Sellersville again, I absolutely loved the show!" - Karen Wagner, Sellersville, PA

"You were amazing! Please come back to Sellersville PA again! What an enjoyable show!!!!" - Crystal Smith, Sellersville, PA



Compliments of Dave Gruber - Atlantic City, NJ ~ 2017

Compliments of Shane Dolimont - Halifax, NS ~ 2017

From the stage - Robert Cooper / Keyboards

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