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Life On Mars



Life on Mars: The imagination of a superstar, the music of a lifetime.

Experience it.

Life On Mars Audience




“Turn and face the strange”  David Bowie 1947 - 2016



Singer, song writer, poet, painter, rule breaker, game changer. For nearly five decades David Bowie helped define our universe through his music. He pushed the boundaries, blurred the lines, held up a mirror and reflected back to us the state of our culture, our world and most importantly, ourselves.

Established in 2004, Toronto, Canada based Life on Mars (LoM) presents the genius of Bowie across the decades. Maintaining the integrity of the music, note for note, LoM presents a two hour retrospect, a musical reinvention of classic Bowie hits; uniquely arranged into a soaring, emotional, musical, concert experience of astonishing nuance and power.


Life on Mars is not an imitation of Bowie but an emulation of his music and a celebration of his spirit. Singer Kevin Connelly fuses the essence of Bowie’s vision and charisma with his own electrifying talent and captures with mesmerizing accuracy, the mystery, the moves and the magic of Bowie himself; backed by the incomparable Heroes band this is a performance unsurpassed by any other of it's kind.



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Life On Mars Audience
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